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Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday, 12th Nov. 2010

Talked to mom/dad this morning via Skype.

I ran two gels to make sure that the DNA extractions from yesterday worked. I could not sonicate because the machine was busy.

No GSS today. Nico's going away party was tonite at the Pub. I was planning to attend it but I did not eat lunch so I was hungry after the Stats class and cannot wait until 5pm to eat...besides I am not sure whether there will be Yoshina will have to wait by herself the whole time. So, I skipped it. We are heading to Texas de Brazil is a steakhouse and we had been planning to go there for a while now. There was cricket at the rink @ 6pm. I did not play again today :(

Retika's b'day party is in the evening @ 9pm.

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